Jane Street Asia Ltd - Technology Talk: OCaml

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Event: Jane Street Asia Ltd - Technology Talk: OCaml

Date: 24 October 2012 (Wednesday)

Time: 5:30-7:00pm (refreshment will be served at 5:15pm)

Venue: Room 4018 (Lifts 2/3), HKUST

Speaker: Chengqi Song (HKUST 2010 PhD Graduate)

Proponents of statically typed functional programming languages like OCaml, F#, and Haskell have long said that these languages simplify the task of writing reliable software, largely due to their powerful type systems. These claims, however, are hard to evaluate in light of how little experience there is using these languages in real-world settings.

Jane Street (www.janestreet.com) is one of the few places that have this kind of experience. It is a proprietary trading firm that has built its infrastructure almost entirely using OCaml. In this talk, some of the approaches taken to leverage OCaml type system for building network-centric applications will be discussed. In particular, it will discuss the design of a monadic concurrency library that has become the central tool used for writing concurrent programs, as well as approaches taken for using the ML type system to model network APIs.

The talk is open to all faculty members and PG and UG students of CSE.

Registration Deadline: 22 October 2012 (Monday), 11:59pm

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