IEEE Globecom 2007 Best Paper Award (ASNA Symposium)

Dr. Qian Zhang and Ji Luo

Dr. Qian Zhang and her PhD student, Ji Luo have recently been awarded the Best Paper Award at the IEEE Global Telecommunications Conference (IEEE GLOBECOM 2007) - ASNA Symposium.


It is the 50th Anniversary of this annual Conference. This year, only two papers from the ASN Symposium were selected for the award, one of which being "Relative Distance Based Localization for Mobile Sensor Networks" authored by Dr. Zhang and Mr. Luo.

IEEE Global Telecommunications Conference is an information-rich conference which spans the entire range of communications technologies, offering in-depth information on the latest developments in voice, data, image, and multimedia. Themed "Innovate, Educate, Accelerate", IEEE GLOBECOM 2007 included a general symposium and nine technical symposia that offered more than 1,000 technical presentations, as well as diverse tutorials and workshops. Topics for the technical symposia include ad-hoc and sensor networking, communication theory, Internet protocols, optical networks, multimedia communications, signal processing, and wireless communications.

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(From left to right) Dr. Qian Zhang, Mr. Ji Luo

(From left to right) Dr. Qian Zhang, Mr. Ji Luo