CSE UG Graduates Awarded the Social Responsibility Award in the HKICT Awards 2012: Best Innovation and Research Award

The Hong Kong ICT Awards 2012: Best Innovation and Research (College & Undergraduates) Special Mention - Social Responsibility goes to the final year project "Where To? - A Collaborative Android App Providing an Online Google Map with Audible Cantonese Pronunciations for Expats and Tourists in Hong Kong" of CSE UG graduates CHEUNG Ka Chun David, WONG Chun Yim Tim, and YUEN Siu Hung Jason. The project was supervised by Prof Jogesh MUPPALA.

There are hundreds of places in Hong Kong with names which are difficult for foreigners to pronounce. Foreigners often have trouble communicating with local citizens when they go to various places. The project is an Android app which allows users to select the text language: English, Traditional Chinese or Simplified Chinese. When users tap on a location on the Google maps of Hong Kong, the system displays the address name in the three languages. The users can choose to hear the pronunciation in English, Cantonese or Putonghua. The system utilizes a built in Android text-to-speech (TTS) engine for English, an open source TTS engine for Putonghua, and a custom-made TTS engine for Cantonese. The system is also linked to a tourism information website "Expat / Tourist Sharing Board" which was also created by the team.

The award presentation ceremony was held on 3 April 2012 at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center. The project was displayed at the HKICTA Winners Pavilion at International ICT Expo 2012 during 13-16 April 2012 at the Center.

Award Photo