IBM Ph.D. Fellowship Program 2007/2008

Ph.D. Candidate: Bingsheng HE

(From right to left) Prof. Lionel NI, the Head of Department; Mr. 
Bingsheng HE; Dr. Qiong LUO, Bingsheng's adviser

(From right to left) Prof. Lionel NI, the Head of Department; Mr. Bingsheng HE; Dr. Qiong LUO, Bingsheng's adviser

The IBM Ph.D. Fellowship Award is an annual, worldwide competitive program. Mr. Bingsheng HE, a PhD candidate of the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, HKUST, has been awarded this fellowship for the 2007-08 Academic Year. Bingsheng got his Bachelor's degree in Computer Science from Shanghai Jiao Tong University. His research interests are in database systems, particularly cache-centric query processing techniques.

The IBM Ph.D. Fellowship honors exceptional Ph.D. students in various areas of study such as computer science and engineering, electrical and mechanical engineering. IBM pays special attention to an array of focus areas of interest to IBM and fundamental to innovation, including business value (services and software to improve business performance), infrastructure value (hardware, software and services integrated into an open and computing environment) and exploratory computing technology.

Award recipients are selected based on their overall potential for research excellence, the degree to which their technical interests align with those of IBM, and their progress to-date.

IBM Ph.D. Fellows are awarded tuition, fees, and a stipend of $17,500 (US) for one academic year. All IBM Ph.D. Fellows are matched with an IBM Mentor according to their technical interests, and they are encouraged to intern at an IBM research or development laboratory under their Mentor's guidance. An IBM ThinkPad is awarded during the internship. Internship assignments are designed to strengthen and broaden the Awardee's technical experience and contacts.

I am very happy to receive such a competitive award from IBM. First of all, I thank my supervisor, Dr. Luo, who nominated me for this award. I am grateful to Prof. Ni and Dr. Golin for their kind help in my application. Further, I would like to thank my family members for their support in my life. With the award, I will continue my research on database systems and also seek opportunity of cooperation with IBM China or abroad." Bingsheng said.