Prof. Dit-Yan YEUNG, MPhil Student Chun Kit YEUNG and CSE Research Staff Kai YANG Awarded First Place in 2017 ASSISTments Datamining Competition

Prof. Dit-Yan YEUNG and MPhil student Chun Kit YEUNG, together with CSE research staff Kai YANG, were awarded first place in the 2017 ASSISTments Datamining Competition.

The goal of the competition was to make predictions about student career choices and also to support the field of Data Mining for Education to learn from this competition. The 74 teams of researchers were given a very large stream of data (418 megabytes) and were asked to use data mining algorithms of their choice to predict which students would enter STEM graduate school programs and later STEM careers.

The team led by Prof. YEUNG proposed a state-of-the-art Deep Knowledge Tracing model to learn the knowledge states for different mathematical skills to provide additional features for STEM/non-STEM prediction and was awarded first place. Prof YEUNG said "It was great to participate in this challenge and to be recognized. We learned a lot about deep learning, and were glad to be given a chance to practice those skills."

Congratulations to all award recipients!

For more information, please refer to the 2017 ASSISTments Datamining Competition website.