HKUST Android Application Design Contest 2014-2015

HKUST Android Application Design Contest aims at providing a chance to undergraduate/postgraduate students of HKUST to showcase their creativity and talent through an exciting programming contest on the Android smartphone platforms. It also serves as a valuable chance to promote teamwork and to improve leadership skills in the process of developing high quality mobile application programs. Alumni could participate as team advisors. 11 teams, 32 students and 3 alumni, joined the contest. Each team was required to develop an original piece of Android application program.

The final competition was held on 28 January 2015. It consisted of two rounds. Each team showcased their application program through a brief presentation and a poster to the judges in the first round. The judges then nominated five teams to the second round. The five teams demonstrated their application programs and made a thorough presentation of the programs to the judges.

The judge panel, comprising Prof Gary CHAN (CSE, HKUST), Prof Jogesh MUPPALA (CSE, HKUST), Mr Viveik SAIGAL (Sengital Ltd, and Prof Michael SUNG (ECE, HKUST), assessed the apps and provided advices on further development.

Details of the event.

Snapshots of the event.