To celebrate the setting up of MSRA lab 15 years and MOE HKUST-MSRA Key lab 10 years, the department of computer science and engineering at HKUST organize the MSRA-Hong Kong day, which features by the following events:

IAS lecture by Prof. Hsiao-Wuen Hon:

  • Time: 10:00 AM - 11:30AM
  • Venue: IAS Lecture Theatre
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  • MSRA and HKUST Demos/Posters:

  • Time: 11:15AM - 12:15PM
  • Venue: lobby area of IAS Lecture Theater
  • Details:
    1. Finding Time Period-Based Most Frequent Path in Big Trajectory Data - Wuman Luo, Haoyu Tan, Lei Chen and Lionel M. Ni
    2. Visual Analysis of Air Pollution - Panpan Xu and Huamin Qu
    3. T-Music: A Melody Composer based on Frequent Pattern Mining - Long Chen, Raymond Chi-Wing Wong and Raymond Ka Wai Sze
    4. Stock Mesh:Cross-Platform Mobile Stock Quota Application - Chu Chun Yin, Lee Yuk Cheung and Wong Lap Chin
    5. OKGS: Open Knowledge Graph on Social Media - Yatao Li, Rui Fu, Yang Zhang, Chenglong Wang, Wenhan Xiao, Lei Chen
    6. Fast computation for big data - Lin Gu
    7. UniCar: Ridesharing Recommendation System Using Human Mobility Clustering and Prediction - Ting Wu, Rui Zheng, Muhammad Haris Mughees, Pan Hui
    8. Haptically Enhanced Interfaces for Natural Human-Computer Interactions - Hong Tan and Masaaki Fukumoto
    9. CrowdMatcher: Crowd-assisted Schema Matching System - Ziyuan Zhao, Jason Chen Zhang, Rui Fu and Lei Chen
    10. Image-based 3D Construction - Long Quan

    ACM-HK PG Day co-organized by ACM-HK and Microsoft Research Asia:

  • Time: 1:30 PM
  • Venue: Lecture Theatre B
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  • Map of HKUST: