DCDV 2012: Accepted Submissions

A Study of Fault-tolerance Characteristics of Data Center Networks
  Yang Liu, Dong Lin, Jogesh Muppala and Mounir Hamdi
An Independent Verification of Errors and Vulnerabilities in SaaS Cloud
  Santonu Sarkar, Rajeshwari Ganesan and Naveen Tewari
Defending against VM Rollback Attack
  Yubin Xia, Yutao Liu, Haibo Chen and Binyu Zang
Dependability as a Cloud Service - A Modular Approach
  Jan S. Rellermeyer and Saurabh Bagchi
Evidence of Log Integrity in Policy-based Security Monitoring
  Mirko Montanari, Jun Ho Huh, Derek Dagit, Rakesh Bobba and Roy H. Campbell
Models for Dependability and Sustainability Analysis of Data Center Cooling Architectures
  Gustavo Callou, Paulo Maciel, Dietmar Tutsch and Julian Araújo
Osprey: Operating System for Predictable Clouds
  Jan Sacha, Jeff Napper, Henning Schild, Jim McKie and Sape Mullender
The TCLOUDS Architecture: Open and Resilient Cloud-of-clouds Computing
  Paulo Verissimo, Alysson Bessani and Marcelo Pasin
TinyChecker: Transparent Protection of VMs against Hypervisor Failures with Nested Virtualization
  Cheng Tan, Yubin Xia and Haibo Chen
Toward a High Availability Cloud: Techniques and Challenges
  Cuong Pham, Phuong Cao, Zbigniew Kalbarczyk and Ravishankar Iyer
TRONE: Trustworthy and Resilient Operations in a Network Environment
  Antonio Casimiro, Paulo Veríssimo, Diego Kreutz, Filipe Araujo, Raul Barbosa, Bruno Sousa, Marilia Curado, Carlos Silva, Rajeev Gandhi, Pryia Narasimhan and Samuel Neves
Utilizing Linear Algebra Subspaces to Improve Cloud Security
  David Zage and James Obert

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