Workshop Organizers

Dr. Jogesh K. Muppala
HKUST, Hong Kong
Dr. Matti Hiltunen
AT&T Labs-Research, USA
Dr. Robert Stroud
City University, London, UK
Dr. Ji Wang

Program Committee

Jiannong Cao, HK Poly. U., HK, PRC
Albert Greenberg, Microsoft, USA
Indranil Gupta, UIUC, USA
Rajeev Gupta, IBM, India
Gernot Heiser, NICTA, Australia
Chunming Hu, Beihang U. , China
Kaustubh Joshi, AT&T Labs-Research, USA
Paulo Maciel, UFPE, Brazil
Manish Marwah, HP Labs, USA
Priya Narasimhan, CMU, USA
Mohan Rajagopalan, Intel Labs, USA
Rodrigo Rodrigues, MPI-SWS, Germany
Karsten Schwan, Georgia Tech., USA
Paul Townend, U. Leeds, UK
Kishor S. Trivedi, Duke U., USA
Aad van Moorsel, U. Newcastle, UK
Paulo Veríssimo, U. Lisbon, Portugal

DCDV 2011: Program

Monday June 27, 2011
8:30 am    Session 1: Distributed Data
8:30 am    Welcome and Opening Remarks!
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9:00 am    CAWRM:A Remote Mirroring System Based on AoDI Volume
Zhenhai Zhao, Tingting Qin, Fangliang Xu, Rui Cao, Xiaoguang Liu, Gang Wang (Nankai University, China)
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9:30 am    An epidemic approach to dependable key-value substrates
Miguel Matos, Ricardo Vilaça, José Pereira, Rui Oliveira (Universidade do Minho, Portugal)
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10:30 am    Session 2: Security
10:30 am    The Case for Dynamic Security Solutions in Public Cloud Workflow Deployments
John Charles Mace, Aad van Moorsel and Paul Watson (Newcastle University, UK)
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11:00 am    Recursive Virtual Machines for Advanced Security Mechanisms
Bernhard Kauer, Paulo Verissimo, and Alysson Bessani (Universidade de Lisboa, Portugal)
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11:30 am    Designing SCIT Architecture Pattern in a Cloud-based Environment
Quyen Nguyen, Arun Sood (George Mason University, USA)
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1:30 pm    Session 3: Failure Detection and Security
1:30 pm    Lucy in the Sky without Diamonds: Stealing Confidential Data in the Cloud
Francisco Rocha and Miguel Correia (Universidade de Lisboa, Portugal)
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2:00 pm    Online Detection of Performance Problems in Large-Scale Cloud Computing Systems
Haibo Mi, Huaimin Wang, Gang Yin (NUDT, China), Hua Cai, Qi Zhou, and Tingtao Sun (Alibaba, China)
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2:30 pm    Identify Faults in Large-Scale Distributed Systems by Filtering Trash Error Logs
Xiang Rao, Huaimin Wang, Dianxi Shi, Zhenbang Chen (NUDT, China), Hua Cai, Qi Zhou, and Tingtao Sun, (Alibaba, China)
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3:30 pm    Session 4: Cloud Resource Management
3:30 pm    Enhancing Application Robustness in Infrastructure-as-a-Service Clouds
Madalin Mihailescu, Andres Rodriguez, Cristiana Amza (University of Toronto, Canada)
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4:00 pm    Power-Performance Trade-offs in IaaS Cloud: A Scalable Analytic Approach
Rahul Ghosh, (Duke University, USA), Vijay Naik, (IBM, USA), Kishor Trivedi (Duke University, USA)
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4:30 pm    A Virtual Resource Placement Service
Richard E. Harper, Lorrie Tomek, (IBM, USA) Ofer Biran, and Erez Hadad, (IBM, Israel)
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