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InfoNice: Easy Creation of Information Graphics
Yun Wang, Haidong Zhang, He Huang, Xi Chen, Qiufeng Yin, Zhitao Hou, Dongmei Zhang, Qiong Luo nd Huamin Qu.
To Appear (CHI '18) [PDF]

Storytelling and Visualization: An Extended Survey
Chao Tong, Richard Roberts, Rita Borgo, Sean Walton, Robert S. Laramee, Kodzo Wegba, Aidong Lu, Yun Wang, Huamin Qu, Qiong Luo, Xiaojuan Ma.
In Information, 2018, 9(3): 65. [PDF]

A Visual Analytics Approach for Understanding Egocentric Intimacy Network Evolution and Impact Propagation in MMORPGs
Quan Li, Qiaomu Shen, Yao Ming, Peng Xu, Yun Wang, Xiaojuan Ma, and Huamin Qu.
In IEEE Pacific Visualization Symposium (PacificVis'17) [PDF]

Animated narrative visualization for video clickstream data
Yun Wang, Zhutian Chen, Quan Li, Xiaojuan Ma, Qiong Luo, Huamin Qu.
In SIGGRAPH ASIA 2016 Symposium on Visualization [PDF][DOI]

A Visual Analytics Approach for Understanding Reasons behind Snowballing and Comeback in MOBA Games
Quan Li, Peng Xu, Yeuk Yin Chan, Yun Wang, Zhipeng Wang, Huamin Qu, and Xiaojuan Ma.
In IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics (Volume: 23, Issue: 1, Jan. 2017) [PDF][DOI]

Guided Tour of Literature Review: Facilitating Academic Paper Reading with Narrative Visualization
Yun Wang, Dongyu Liu, Huamin Qu, Qiong Luo, Xiaojuan Ma.
In the 9th International Symposium on Visual Information Communication and Interaction. ACM, 2016. (VINCI'16) [PDF][DOI]

Data Edibilization: Representing Data with Food
Yun Wang, Xiaojuan Ma, Qiong Luo, Huamin Qu.
In CHI’16 EAs on Human Factors in Computing Systems (2016), ACM. 409-422. (Alt.chi'16) [PDF][DOI][Chinese Article]

STAC: Enhancing Stacked Graphs for Time Series Analysis
Yun Wang, Tongshuang Wu, Zhutian Chen, Qiong Luo, Huamin Qu.
In IEEE Pacific Visualization Symposium 2016. 234-238. (PacificVis'16) [PDF][DOI]

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A Survey on Narrative Visualization

Visualization is commonly used to represent data in intuitive and easily understandable visual forms to facilitate knowledge discovery. However, when data becomes more and more complex, visualization techniques also become more and more sophisticated. In addition, cutting-edge visual analytics systems often involve both advanced data mining and visualization techniques, and a sequence of data mining and interactive visualizations steps is needed to reveal hidden information in the data. All these recent developments make it difficult to present information and visualization results to ordinary users. Narrative visualization, which organizes information into stories and then conveys the stories using visual forms, shows great potential to address this issue. Narrative visualization connects a sequence of visual forms in a meaningful structure and tells the stories in an explorative and communicative visual style, which makes the information easier to understand and remember.

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