Computer Graphics

COMP341: Computer Graphics
Spring 2007

Three course projects: modeler, ray tracer and animator.


Density-Equalizing Maps

COMP641I: Visualization
Fall 2006

A course project that adopts the worldmapper technique to visualize Hong Kong census data with animation.


Mini Rabbit Games

COMP303: Internet Computing
Fall 2006

Two course projects: flash and svg games.


Texture Synthesis

Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP)
Summer 2006

A research project on deploying 4-dimensional textures and two-layer textures to visualize geographical data.


Multimedia Computing

COMP343: Multimedia Computing
Spring 2006

Three course projects using visual basic: midi, image and video processing.


Cloud Modeling and Editing

Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP)
Summer 2005

A computer graphics research project on amorphous phenomena modeling and editing using procedural-based texture with animation.


Diner Dash

COMP190A: Directed Studies I (Honors Study Track)
Spring 2005

A programming project using Qt based on a shockwave game Diner Dash™.