Courses Taught

COMP2711 Discrete Mathematics for Computer Science
COMP3711 Design and Analysis of Algorithms
COMP171 Data Structures and their Algorithms
COMP3721 Theory of Computation
COMP4411 Computer Graphics
COMP5411 Advanced Computer Graphics
COMP641G Topics in Graphics: Geometric Modeling & Processing

Selected Final-Year Projects

Designing Freeform Models with 3D Curves (2008-2009) -- LIU He and YIN Hengli
A Single-player 3D Game (2001-2002) -- Au Chun Wai, Danny Ho Ming To, Sham Lap Bong, Chan Che Hong
A Sketching Interface for 3D Freeform Design (2000-2001) -- Au Kin Chung, Lee Chin Pong, Leung Wing Sze
Making animations from a single image (1998-1999) -- Nelson Chu, Jacky Fong Man Tak, Leung Yiu Cho [ (~ 120M zip)]