PhD (Jan. 2016)
Clear Water Bay, Kowloon, Hong Kong

Advisor: Charles Zhang
The Prism Research Group

Moved to SourceBrella Inc.
This is a startup that focuses on manufacturing world leading automatic bug finding tools. Write to me if you feel interests about our passion and business.


    I obtained my Computer Science bachelor's degree in year 2008, from University of Electronic Science and Technology of China (UESTC). After the graduation, I spent half a year in query analysis team at Baidu and then moved to HKUST.

    My research focuses on program analysis and its application to software engineering. I develop efficient and scalable analysis methodologies to uncover code properties for industry-scale software. My research topics are:

  • Pointer analysis theory, algorithm, and application
  • Intermediate program representation
  • Scalable path-sensitive static analysis techniques for bug hunting


  1. Casper: An Efficient Approach to Call Trace Collection

    This is the first POPL paper from Hong Kong.

    And thanks very much for Prof. Tom Reps to present the paper for us.

    Rongxin Wu, Xiao Xiao, Shing-Chi Cheung, Hongyu Zhang and Charles Zhang. To appear in POPL 2016
  3. Uncovering JavaScript Performance Code Smells Relevant to Type Mutations [slides] [Code]
    Xiao Xiao, Shi Han, Charles Zhang and Dongmei Zhang. To appear in APLAS 2015
  5. Efficient subcubic alias analysis for C
    Qirun Zhang, Xiao Xiao, Charles Zhang, Hao Yuan, Zhendong Su. Appeared in OOPSLA 2014
  7. Persistent Pointer Information [slides] [Code]
    Xiao Xiao, Qirun Zhang, Jinguo Zhou, Charles Zhang. Appeared in PLDI 2014
  9. Stride: Search-based Deterministic Replay in Polynomial Time via Bounded Linkage
    Jinguo Zhou, Xiao Xiao, and Charles Zhang. Appeared in ICSE 2012
  11. Geometric Encoding: Forging the High Performance Context Sensitive Points-to Analysis for Java [slides]

    This technique has been integrated into Soot. Read the tutorial.

    Xiao Xiao, Charles Zhang. Appeared in ISSTA 2011


Jeff Huang   Peng Liu   Qirun Zhang   Qingkai Shi   Gang Fan

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