Research Group@4Paradigm (第四范式)

  • We are a small research group starting from 2019 in 4Paradigm. We work on interesting ideas and topics in machine learning.
  • We have published 10 papers in 2020, 9 papers in 2019, with 1028 citations.
  • Currently, our main research topic is Automated Machine Learning (AutoML) and neural architecture search (NAS).
  • Meanwhile, we also work on knowledge graph, graph neural networks, recommender system, wealy-supervised learning and nonconvex optimization.
Founding and Current Leader Colleagues Interns
  • Hansi Yang (undergraduate, Tsinghua)
  • Lanning Wei (Ph.D. student, UCAS)
  • Yuhan Quan (Master student, Tsinghua)
  • Hongzhi Shi (Ph.D. student, Tsinghua)
  • Shimin Di (Ph.D. student, HKUST)
  • Yuhui Ding (Ph.D. student, HKUST)
  • Bo Han (Assistant professor, HKBU)
  • Chen Gao (Ph.D. student, Tsinghua)
  • Fengli Xu (Ph.D., Tshinghua)
  • Gang Niu (Research Scientist, RIKEN-AIP)
  • Jingtao Ding (Ph.D., Tshinghua)
  • Wei He (Post-Doc, RIKEN)
  • Yingfeng Li (Master student, Tshinghua)
  • Yu Liu (Ph.D. student, Tshinghua)
  • Hui Zhang (Master student, HUST): 2019.10-2020.06, now research engineer@4Paradigm
  • Yongqi Zhang (Ph.D. student, HKUST): 2018.10-2020.03, now research scientist@4Paradigm
  • Wenyi Xiao (Ph.D. student, HKUST): 2019.11-2020.03
  • Yaqing Wang (Ph.D student, HKUST): 2019.02-2019.10, now researcher@Baidu Research
  • Ju Xu (Master, PKU): 2019.01-2019.06, now senior engineer@Alibaba
  • Xiangning Chen (undergraduate, Tsinghua): 2019.02-2019.08, now Ph.D. student@UCLA
Achievements Academic cooperation are welcome! Feel free to contact me if you are interested.