This is group-based project and each group can at most have 2 students.


The evaluation of the project includes a project proposal, idea presentation, and final project report.

The project proposal is a 1 page summary of your project problem, challenges, and your proposed solution and timeline. The proposal is due on Nov. 9.

The idea presentation lasts 10 minutes and should report the problem tackled (explained via a real example), the basic idea about your solution and the progress. The idea presentation will be held on Nov. 30.

The final project report should about 8-10 single-column single-space pages with 10pt fonts. The content should be similar to a workshop publication (Introduction, Related Work, Your Solution, Evaluation, Conclusion, References). You will need include detailed information about the problem you want to tackle, your unique observation and the corresponding design. You may not be able to have a detailed experimental evaluation methodology and results. You also need to include a summary of each individual member's contribution. The final report will be evaluated like a typical workshop review. The report should be submitted via email with the email subject of “final report - Group members”. The report submission deadline is Dec. 10.