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Starry Dusk @ HKUST


Here are some of my works in the past few years. Check it out!




Visual analytic system for Massive Open Online Courses

invisible hand

Interactive installation for Design Thinking Course

hk vis

Ongoing Project on Visualizations for Hong Kong


Research Intern:2013.3-2013.6

Saliency-based Weather Visualization

Undergraduate Thesis Project



The Lonely City

Character Design Project

Amazon Redesign

Human-Computer Interaction Project


Immersive Design Project



The puppet

Animation Design Project

wide awake

Motion Capture Project


Post Production Project

Yangtze Water Town

Scene Design Project

Who is the suspect

Vast Mini Challenge Project for Visualization Course

The Yellow Duck

Undergraduate Research Training Project

Alice Balloons

Interaction Design Project

  • “Don't you think beavers are the cutiest animal in the world? ”

  • "Yeah, except penguins."

  • "Wait... or maybe pikachu!"



I am currently a PhD student at VisGroup, Computer Vision and Graphics Lab, Department of Computer Science and Technology, the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, supervised by Prof. Huamin Qu.
Before joining HKUST, I received my Bachelor's Degree in Engineering from Digital Media Technology, Department of Computer Science, Zhejiang University in June, 2013. During my undergraduate study, I went on an exchange program for two semesters at School of Interactive Arts and Technology, and School of Computer Science, Simon Fraser University.
My research interests include information visualization, visual analytics, human-computer interaction and online education.

More about me

In my free time, I enjoy reading, painting and gardening. I am fascinated about animals and nature. I love beavers, penguins, the "golden" pikachu, and the "cat" with the fourth-dimensional pocket! Doctor Who, Mushishi, The Lord of the Rings are my favorite TV, anime, and movie series. Wuthering Heights, The Count of Monte Cristo, and Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea are my all-time favourite novels. As a trilingual, I am interested in different cultures and languages and now on my way to explore new things!


Here is my updated news, you may check weebly blog and gallery pages for some sketches.

My Recent Updates:

2018 JANUARY: invited speaker for MOOC Analytics at AEARU 2018 Conference

2017 MARCH: finalist for SENG Three-Minute Thesis Competition

2016 OCTOBER: won Honorable Mention Award for Visualization Contest for Public Welfare on the Cloud by Alibaba

2016 AUGUST: attended "Innovation Management" Workshop at PKU

2016 JULY: worked as TA for HKUST-CAA Design Thinking Course

2016 JUNE: launched our "Pulse of HKUST" project on HKUST 25 Projects crowdfunding website

2016 FEBURARY: received the Certificate of Proficiency for the Level N1 JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test)

2016 JANUARY: interviewed as guest speaker by Metro Radio Hong Kong on technology enterpreneurship

2015 DECEMBER: first-author journal paper published on IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics

2015 NOVEMBER: won Merit Award in E-Learning at APICTA'15 (Asia Pacific ICT Awards) with VisMOOC team

2015 SEPTEMBER: received the Certificate of Proficiency for the Level N2 JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test)

2015 AUGUST: work as TA Coordinator/Postgraduate Student Representative for HKUST CSE Department

2015 JULY: hosted the prize presentation ceremony for the 14th National Challenge Cup on Smart Green Cities

2015 JUNE: serve HKUST WACM as Activity Chair and organize summer activities

2015 JUNE : worked as the MC for HKUST One Million Dollar Enterpreneurship Competition Award Dinner

2015 MAY : designed the fliers for IEEE Transactions on Big Data

2015 APRIL : presented at 2015 Pacific Visualization Conference at Hangzhou, China

2015 APRIL : won HKICT Best Innovation Award(Innovative Technology) Silver Award with VisMOOC team

2014 AUGUST : made a Concept Toy Design for Keenway with Huang Hao

2014 JULY : won the Top Prize in the HKUST-CAA joint course "Design Thinking" with F4 team