Technical Demos

These demos were developed when I worked at ATI's Application Research Group. They include several rendering effects, some of which based on the techniques from my papers. The demos are copyright of AMD (2004-2006).

Real-Time Parthenon

This demo, based on the Siggraph 2004 movie by Paul Debevec, consists of over 15 million polygons, derived from a real-world laser capture of the actual Parthenon in Athens, Greece. Image based lighting techniques and a novel LOD algorithm are used to render this dataset in real-time on the Radeon X1800 graphics processor. (This demo uses the algorithm described in the 'Progressive Buffers' paper to render the Parthenon.)

Ruby: The DoubleCross

Through the use of motion captured animation, depth-of-field, realistic image based lighting and dynamic shadows; 'DoubleCross' borrows heavily from both gaming and movie genres to create a compelling demo that further raises the expectations for real-time graphics. (This demo uses the algorithm described in the 'Methods for Real-Time Skin Rendering' book chapter and SIGGRAPH sketch.)


This demonstration shows the vertex shader processing power of the X800 being used to render a large crowd of soldiers (1400 in total) running across a rocky terrain. All of the models feature weighted skinned vertices and are independently animated. The behavior of the crowd is simulated using AI.implant ( Additional techniques used in this demo are ambient occlusion for shadowing and fluid simulation on the GPU for the smoke. (This demo uses algorithms described in the 'Rendering a Crowd' book chapter and the 'Explicit Early-Z Culling for Efficient Fluid Flow Simulation and Rendering' technical report.)