System and Media Lab (SyMLab) PhD Students and Postdocs Recruitment



The HKUST System and Media Lab (SyMLab) is now recruiting PhD students and postdocs to work on the main areas of Augmented Reality (AR), mobile computing and networking, social networking and media, Internet services, cloud computing, and complex systems. The HKUST Department of Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) which has a QS world ranking of 13. SyMLab is partly funded by Deutsche Telekom (DT) with the vision of bring cutting edge system and media research to Asia by providing an excellent academic research environment with strong ties to industries and real problem.SyMLab will act as a strategic partner and bridge for Deutsche Telekom AG, Laboratories (T-labs) to access the research and innovation landscapes of greater China, and the other way round for talented researchers in China to face the world.


Candidates are expected to be very self-motivated and with good problem solving skills and research experiences. Strong programming and systems knowledge and/or excellent mathematical skills for modeling and data analysis are required. Postdocs can start the duty any time. PhD students are expected to start in autumn 2013 (earlier starting as research assistant is also possible). The English requirement for the CSE department is IELTS >= 7 or TOFEL >= 92.


Benefits of working in HKUSTSyMLab are as follows:


       Working with a strong international research team with collaborators from top universities and industrial research labs in the world. The HKUST CSE department has a QS ranking of 13 in the world. T-labs is a world leading research institute.


       Being able to affiliate with both HKUST and T-Labs and hence strong research profile for both academic and industrial research experience (unique advantages for jobs after PhD and postdoc).


       Postdocs and students can choose to spend time working abroad in T-labs Berlin (e.g. 3 months per year) to gain international experience and first hand industrial research experience. This can be arranged without formal application and the trip and accommodation will be covered. Students/postdocs can also have the opportunities to visit and collaborate with T-Labs Silicon Valley and Israel.


       Great opportunity to gain into the cultural, innovative and business landscape of China.


       Postdocs and students can also spend time working/visiting our collaborating universities such as Princeton University, Helsinki University of Technology, universities in mainland China, and some top European institutes (this is very good for European students as they can spend time in Europe each year.


       Can have the freedom and flexibility to conduct cutting-edge research on a broad range of interesting research topics. You will never be forced to do any task that you do not like.


       Have financial supports to travel to top conferences and performance academic and industrial exchanges.


       SyMLab will host visiting students and researchers from top research institutes in the world either as summer interns or visiting researcher funded by EU and other funding sources. Postdocs and students will have great opportunities to collaborate with them in Hong Kong.


The combination of excellent academic environment and the strong tight to industries and funding will make SyMLab the best place in Asia for conducting cutting edge research and an ideal place for future careers. The official language in Hong Kong is English, so there will be no communication problem.