Windows Azure Technology

The Windows Azure Platform is a cloud computing platform provided by Microsoft. It provides an easy-to-use cloud development platform with a set of system services running in the backend datacenters.

From a programmer's view, the services hosted in Windows Azure consist of one or more web roles or worker roles. A web role is typically a front-end application written with ASP.NET. A worker role is a back-end application which is processed in the background without user interfaces. A Windows Azure service may be comprised of one or both types of roles and can run multiple instances of each type. Instances of roles can be added or removed on demand. The applications can scale quickly and economically up or down when the need changes.

We have designed a set of labs to explore the Windows Azure technology.

Lab 1

A Calendar for Understanding Windows Azure (1)

Lab 2

A Calendar for Understanding Windows Azure (2)
Note: Kaixiang has kindly provided a package containing the project files up to Step 8 of Lab 2. You can use it as a reference. Be aware that at some places the word "calender" should be "calendar".

Lab 3

A Calendar for Understanding Windows Azure (3)

Lab 4

Computing k-means with Windows Azure

This lab series is developed by Zhonghua Sheng and the ESCA group at HKUST. It is supported in part by Microsoft Research Asia grant R1215-5104. We would like to thank Mr. Yau Lam Yiu and other system staff at the CSE department for their technical support in ths construction of the development platform.