Dr. Brahim BENSAOU

Associate Professor

Contact Information

The Department of Computer Science and Engineering
The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Clear Water Bay Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong SAR of the PRC

Office: Room 3537 Academic Building (nearest lift 25-26)
Phone: +852 2358 7014
Fax: +852 2358 1477

Current Research

Efficient Communications in the Internet: Congestion Control, Data-centric Networks, Energy efficiency, Performance evaluation

Efficient Communications in Wireless and Mobile Networks: Wireless LANs, Mesh, Ad-Hoc and Sensor Networks, Energy efficiency, Performance Evaluation

Current Teaching

PG CORE - COMP 5621: Computer Networks

MSCIT - CSIT5610: Computer Networks: an Internet Perspective (access via LMES2)

Short Biography

I attended High School at Lycée Emir Abdelkader (of Algiers Algeria). After obtaining the Baccalauréat, I spent the next five years at the University of Science and Technology Houari Boumediene of Algiers Algeria, studying mostly computer science and mathematics after which I obtained the State Engineering degree in Computer Science. In my senior year I took the networking course and fell under the spell of the area and decided to pursue this interest inmy Final year project.
I took the National exam for postgraduate scholarships and ranked second over the top 230 candidates nationwide, and was awarded a joint Algerian/French governments graduate scholarship. After the first year in France, I earned my DEA on Fundamentals of Computer Systems and Applications (FSIA) run by Professor Erol Gelenbe at the University Paris 11 Orsay, and joined the PhD program of the University Paris 6, Pierre and Marie Curie in 1990. Under the co-supervision of Professor Guy Pujolle at the University and Dr James W. Roberts at France Telecom research labs (now Orange labs), I worked on the then-hot issue of traffic control in ATM networks. I defended successfully my PhD thesis and was awarded my degree of Doctorate of the University Paris 6.
In mid-1995 I joined the EEE Department of the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology as a Postdoctoral research associate for a year and a half, then moved to Singapore's Centre for Wireless Communications (CWC now known as I2R after a merger) a national R&D Centre, where I was a Senior Member of Technical Staff, and the leader of the Networks strategic research group. In CWC I did fundamental research as well as worked R&D projects on the design and development of cutting edge networking technology (e.g., prototype wireless ATM NICs with QoS jointly with Ericsson AB, Sweden.)
In fall 2000 I decided to move to academia and joined the Computer Science and Engineering Department of the HKUST where I am now an Associate Professor.
In my career this far, I have successfully supervised many PhD and MPhil theses, published over a 100 papers in reputable journals and conferences, was awarded 3 US patents, obtained many competitive grants, served as an Editor for IEEE Coms Letters and guest edited several journals special issues, served as the program chair or on the TPC of many conferences and bla bla bla, ... but most of all, I had innemurable hours of fun doing research with my students and developped long lasting frindship with many of them; and that is the most important part ... and, as the French say: "pourvu que ça dure!"

Some Representative Publications

  1. K-L. Hung and B. Bensaou “Throughput Optimization in WLANs with Hidden terminals via Cross-Layer Association Control”, accepted to appear in Ad Hoc Networks 2011
  2. K.-L. Hung and B. Bensaou “Distributed Rate Control and Contention Resolution in Multi-Cell IEEE 802.11 WLANs with Hidden Terminals” in ACM MobiHOC, October 2010
  3. J. Zhang, and B. Bensaou, "Core-PC: A Class of Correlative Power Control Algorithms for Single Channel Mobile Ad Hoc Networks", in IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications, Vol 6, No 9, September 2007
  4. J.H. Zhu , S. Chen, B. Bensaou and K.L. Hung “Tradeoff between Lifetime and Rate Allocation in Wireless Sensor Networks: A Cross Layer Approach,” IEEE INFOCOM April 2007
  5. S. Chen, and B. Bensaou, "Can High-Speed Networks Survive with DropTail Queues Management?", to appear in Computer Networks, May 2007
  6. X.J. Hei, B. Bensaou and D. H.K. Tsang “Model-based End-to-End Available Bandwidth Inference using Queueing Analysis”, Computer Networks, August 2006.
  7. Z.N. Kong, D.H.K. Tsang, B. Bensaou and D.Y. Gao, "Performance analysis of IEEE 802.11e contention-based channel access", IEEE Jour. on Selected Areas in Comms. Vol. 22  No 10, December 2004.
    (Note: In this paper the sum signs in (7) and (9) must be replaced by product signs)
    (This paper was on the list of the top ten most downloaded papers from the IEEE ComSoc Digital Library in December 2004)
  8. Z.Y. Fang and B. Bensaou "Fair Bandwidth Sharing Algorithms based on Game Theory Frameworks for Wireless Ad-hoc Networks" IEEE INFOCOM 2004
  9. P.Y. Kong, K.C. Chua and B. Bensaou "A novel scheduling scheme to share dropping ratio while guarant5eing a delay bound in a multiCode-CDMA network" IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking, Vol 11, issue 6 December 2003
  10. X.L. Huang and B. Bensaou , "On max-min fairness and scheduling in wireless ad-hoc networks: analytical framework and implementation" ACM MobiHOC, October 2001.
  11. B. Bensaou, D. H. K. Tsang, and K. T. Chan "Credit-based fair queueing (CBFQ): A feasible service scheduling algorithm for packet switched networks". IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking, Vol 9, issue 5 October 2001