CSE Programming Commons

Welcome to the information page of the CSE Programming Commons!

You can ask questions about your Computing courses (COMP1021/1022P/1022Q/2011/2012), as well as anything about the Department of Computer Science and Engineering there. Feel free to go and have a chat!

Rm 4221


The CSE Programming Commons is located at rm 4221, CS lab 1. It is on the 4th floor in the lab area, near lift 19/22.

You can find the location of the room from the HKUST Path Advisor.


The CSE Programming Commons is held on every Monday, Wednesday and Friday until 6 December 2017 except the holiday - 2 October 2017.

Note: There is no office hours on 18 Oct 2017.

You can find the detailed schedule at the bottom of the page.

People and Timetable

You are welcome to ask anything about the CSE program and courses. The people there are experienced tutors from one of our computing courses: COMP1021, COMP1022P, COMP1022Q, COMP2011 and COMP2012.

Here is the timetable:

Day Time People
Monday 11:30am to 1:30pm Kevin WANG (COMP2011/COMP2012),
Nicko SHEK (COMP1022P/COMP1022Q/COMP2011)
Wednesday 2:30pm to 4:30pm Ron MO (COMP1021)
Friday 11:30am to 1:30pm Wallace MAK (COMP1021/COMP1022Q/COMP2011/COMP2012),
CHAU Chuck-jee (COMP1021/COMP1022P/COMP1022Q)

The courses they have experience are listed after their names. The courses they are teaching right now are in bold. All of them have experience teaching most of these courses in the previous semesters so you are welcome to ask them questions regarding your course.


Here is the detailed schedule of the CSE Programming Commons: