Internship Opportunities

Experience Sharing

Natalie CHENG
BEng(COMP), Year 3

Summer Intern (Summer internship), MTR, 2011

"Why should I take Internship?" No matter how huge the number of part-time jobs you have worked for just like me, full time internship is totally different from part-time jobs. The colleagues in full-time internship are willing to teach us, so that we can work in an environment of higher quality and avoid mistakes or misunderstanding. What is more, you will have a better understanding about your career path because you have already tried those works in the internship.

In 2011 summer, I worked at MTR Corporation as a summer student and was responsible for web design and development including system architecture, layouts, graphics and other computer literature. Through this summer internship, I learnt the way to capture what the clients' wants which is definitely important to a computer science student. When we designed or worked out a product, we would consider lots of things, such as quality, function or beauty, but we did always miss the clients' requirements. Even more importantly, we should have a great time management. Being an employee, we had different tasks and deadlines. We had to work under pressure when we got closer to the deadline.

Not only does internship let you earn some extra money like any part-time jobs, but it is also an important step to grow and differentiate your life from the others.

BEng(COMP), Year 3

IT Trainee (1-year placement), HSBC, 2010

I joined the 1-year placement as a student IT Trainee in one of the most popular corporations, i.e., the HSBC in the year 2010-2011. I was responsible for the development of projects in terms of Business Intelligence. My major duties were to turn raw data and statistics into useful and meaningful digital reports for the end users within the company.

I found that I have a clearer picture of my career in the future. I figured out the working environment, duties and rhythm as being an employee in a bank of the IT aspects. Also, I gained some precious experience from my boss and colleagues; they not only taught me how to get the work done effectively but also gave me some advices on my future career path.

In my opinion, taking up an internship or placement is really fruitful to a student. It could give you a taste of work in the reality, to test whether or not you suit the job that you might want to take up. Also, this opportunity improves your outlook for your career path.

LAI Sze Wa Sierra
BEng (COMP), Year 3

Student Trainee (1-year placement), HSBC, 2010

It was a great experience and I have gotten much more than I expected. Before the internship, I had no idea about how IT Companies run and I was so worried that I would not be suitable to work in this field after graduate. In Sping2010, I started to look for an internship through Engineering School and I joined the mock interview organized by CSE Department. I gained much more confidence from the mock interview and I finally got a 1-year placement offer from HSBC. The 1-year- placement gave me a great chance to experience in IT area and changed my mind. The internship has provided me with a wide range of knowledge and confidence that will help me a lot in the next stage of my life. I would like to start my career path from IT area. It is strongly recommended all students to join this program if they can, you must get more than you expect.

Jonathan LEE
BEng(COMP), Year 3

Summer Intern (Summer internship), PCCW Limited, 2011
Trainee (Winter internship), Lenovo (HK) Limited, 2011
Summer Industrial Trainee (Summer internship), Hong Kong Aero Engine Service Limited, 2010

Where do you see yourself in three years? What do you expect to gain after three years of university life? I recall when I first entered HKUST in 2009, I did not think much about it. I was just excited about university life. I wanted to try new things, so I joined many different clubs and societies, hoping to enrich my university life. However, it was not until I finished my first internship at HASEL that I discovered I could actually gain more through real work experience.

Find out what you need to improve

I did my first internship during the summer of my first year. I worked as a Summer Industrial Trainee at Hong Kong Aero Engine Service Limited (HASEL). During that time, I experienced the life of a software engineer. Not only that I learnt some technical skills in computer programming and networking, I also learnt to be more detail-minded in general. And more importantly, in there I discovered my shortcomings.

Treasure every opportunity

After that internship, I realized the importance of communication at work and that I had weak communication and interaction skills. I noticed I needed to improve my soft skills rather than simply hard skills. Soon, I took another internship at Lenovo (Hong Kong) Limited as an IT Trainee in the winter of my second year. In this position, I had more chances to polish my communication skills. My main duty was to act as a project assistant to effectively communicate between users and programmers in a multinational project which definitely increased my international exposure and let me realize the serious and dynamic aspects of the business world.

I was also given a rare opportunity to do short presentation to the directorate level of the company. I still remember that day my performance was not good due to nervousness. After all, it was still a wonderful and memorable experience.

Go beyond possible

Two months later the same year, I was offered my third internship at PCCW Limit. I was an ambassador to promote an internal system. I was also involved in the pre-sales and consulting of web and server hosting. As I had to deal with many customers and many different kinds of people and had many presentations, I became more confident to express myself. I was also lucky that I had an opportunity to assist in the bidding of tender (which involved lots of money) from the Housing Authority. I completed many tasks that I had never tried before in which I made improvement on problem solving.

Last but not least: Find your passion

The three internships together with the academic courses in school gave me a very fruitful university life. I made a group of real friends both inside and outside campus.

Yet, the most important thing that internship gives me is neither the technical skills, nor the soft skills. It is the chance for me to discover what my passion really is. One can hardly find happiness with a career that he is not passionate about. Also, I become clearer about what I should prepare for my future.

LO Ka Yee, Kathy
BEng(COMP), Year 3

Industrial Trainee (Summer internship), HAESL, 2011
IT Intern (Summer internship), Amway Limited, 2010

Internship is definitely an irreplaceable experience for university students to better prepare themselves before getting into the society. I joined two internships in last two summers.

In the summer of 2010, I joined a 6-week internship in Amway HK Ltd., which is a direct-selling company. I was excited to visit their headquarters in Guangzhou and Taiwan and to understand the roles of IT in different operation. This internship brought me lots of information about the IT industry and gave me more confidence to get into this industry.

After I understood the work environment, I decided to join a 3-month internship in HASEL, which is a company of repairing aircraft engines. I worked as a programmer in the Procurement Department to enhance the system that automating their daily operations. It did not only put my academic knowledge into work, but also greatly trained my communication skills to deal with the users from different departments.

Gaining work experience is the best way to put everything into real practice. Every unexpected challenge happened would be a valuable opportunity to equip ourselves before we make mistakes after we graduate.

Roger NG
BEng(COMP), Year 3

Director of Technical Support (Freelance), Mrs International Pageant, 2011
Vacation Trainee (Summer internship), Hong Kong Electric Limited, 2011
Programming Tutor (Part-time), Green Tech Explorer, 2011
Web Developer (Freelance), Rimmic LED Limited, 2010

Internship can definitely enrich every student's fruitful university life. It is of importance for university students to experience the real working environment including the both positive and negative sides.

Take my internship experience as an illustration. In a bid to gain some working experience, I looked for the internship opportunities in HKUST Career Center, JIJIS and School of Engineering website. Hong Kong Electric Limited was one of the companies I applied for at that time. The interview was not really hard in general. At the meanwhile, I also applied for some other companies such as HSBC, OGCIO, CLP, OOCL and so on.

I enjoyed the time working in HK Electric. The colleagues were willing to teach me, share information to me and take good care of me while the team leader gave me valuable advice and shared his past experience to me.

Last but not least, internship program are indeed helpful to every university student, especially for those who are in the Computer Science field. What we learnt in the lectures are just theories. It is time we students make use of what we have learnt and learn something new.

Samuel YEUNG
BEng(CSIE), Year 3

Global Banking & Marketing Student Trainee (1-year placement), HSBC, 2010

I worked as an IT trainee in Global Business & Marketing and my duties were maintaining the current funds & bonds webpages, developing some new pages according to the clients' request and sometimes helping the team's administrative works.

Although the workload was quite heavy, I learnt lots from that. It let me know how to estimate the time of the whole process, which is very useful for the time management. The most valuable thing I gained from the one-year placement is the attitude. The attitude to learning really enhances the efficiency of my further studies and also it totally changes my original concepts on the IT working field. It showed me a clear direction in the job seeking.