Best FYP Video Award

Starting from 2014-15 academic year, the CSE department sets up a new "Best FYP Video" award.

FYP students are invited to direct and produce a story-telling video about your FYP. It may tell your challenges and joys during FYP. It may record your hard coding work during midnight. It may show the proud demo of your final results, and much more.

The department will have a judging committee to vote for the award. No specific quota on the number of awards.

The winning team(s) will receive:

More on FYP video:

Further inquires, please contact the FYP coordinator.

List of Best FYP Videos

Year 2016-2017

The 5 Best FYP Video Awardees are:

Year 2015-2016

The 4 Best FYP Video Awardees are:

Year 2014-2015

The 3 Best FYP Video Awardees are: