How to get to the classrooms??
I'm hungry, where is food??
I have so many questions concerning enrolling in HKUST, what to do??

How to get to the classroom?? [top]

HKUST is like a maze and you might have a hard time finding the classroom. But there are in fact some rule of thumb which if followed, finding a classroom is just a matter of patience. Basically you should first go to the lifts nearest to the classroom, then either take the lift or stairs there to the floor of the classroom (the first digit of the room number is the floor number).

You can also look for lifts nearest to other rooms by clicking [here].

I'm hungry, where is food??[top]

There are plenty of choices for you in UST. Most of them are located in one single building and we usually name them: LG1, LG5 and LG7. To get there first go to the Atrium, then you can either take the lifts at the back or the escalators down. Just remember when you are at Atrium, you are at G/F. There is also a cafe in 1/F.

The best strategy, however, is of course treat your instructors for lunch and they'll tell you more about dining in UST.

I have so many questions concerning enrolling in HKUST. what to do?? [top]

From our experience there will be full of uncertainties about what to do when you get to HKUST, like how to do the credit transfer, what to do when you are asked to take courses... etc. While we can try to answer you on a couple of the questions, for the most complete and precise answers, please visit the FAQ webpage of our department by clicking [here]. Anyway, feel free to ask us during the break or after class. =)