Spider and Search System for Learning Objects (SASSLO)

Requirements for SASSLO

Hardware Any system that can set up a web server
Free Harddisk Space (basic: 2Mb)
(recommended: 100Mb or more)
RAM 256Mb or more
Internet Connectivity 56k modem connection or faster (broadband recommended)

Software: Operating system: Windows that can support a server with PHP
Any web server which supports PHP version 4.x
PHP Script Interpreter
Supported Browser: Internet Explorer 5 or above, Netscape 4.7 or above, most modern browsers should be no problem

The arrangement we used
to develop the software:
PC Platform
Free Harddisk Space: 4 Gb
RAM: 256Mb
Broadband Internet Connection
Operating system: Windows XP
PHP Script Interpreter Version: Stable 4.4.x-dev
Apache HTTP Server Version: 1.3.31