Seminars (Spring 2018)

Departmental Seminars (COMP 6911 & COMP 6912) Spring 2018

The regular seminar time slot is Monday, 4-5pm, except as otherwise indicated. These seminars are included in COMP 6911 & COMP 6912. Students should attend at least 7 seminars in each semester in order to pass COMP 6911 & COMP 6912. Seminars held in other time slots are listed below in Other Departmental Seminars and are not included in COMP 6911 & COMP 6912.

Date & Time Venue Title Speaker Host
05 Feb 2018, Mon (16:00-17:00) LTF Machine Learning for Medical Image Analysis Dr. Wenjia Bai
Imperial College London
A. Chung
07 Feb 2018, Wed (11:00-12:00) Rm3598 Multimodal Neuroimaging Techniques in Developmental and Diseased Brain Dr. Xiujuan Geng
A. Chung
12 Feb 2018, Mon (16:00-17:00) LTF Beyond mobile phones: paradigm shift towards the next generation human centric interactive computing Dr. Shengdong Zhao
National Univ. of Singapore
H. Qu
19 Feb 2018, Mon (16:00-17:00) No Seminar (Public Holiday)
21 Feb 2018, Wed (11:00-12:00) Rm1504 Extended Utilization of Human Capabilities for Designing Aakar Gupta
Univ. of Toronto
A. Horner
26 Feb 2018, Mon (16:00-17:00) LTF Identifying Cache-Based Side Channels in Production Software Shuai Wang
Pennsylvania State Univ.
C. Zhang
05 Mar 2018, Mon (16:00-17:00) LTF Security and Privacy of Outsourced Data and Computations Yupeng Zhang
Univ. of Maryland
C. Zhang
07 Mar 2018, Wed (11:00-12:00) Rm2303 Intelligent Question Answering Using the Wisdom of the Crowd [CSE/ECE/HLTC Joint Seminar] Dr. Preslav Nakov
Hamad Bin Khalifa Univ.
S.C. Cheung
12 Mar 2018, Mon (16:00-17:00) LTF Network Scheduling for Big Data Applications Hong Zhang
K. Chen
19 Mar 2018, Mon (16:00-17:00) LTF Using AI to create novel therapies for complex disease [CSE/HLTC Joint Seminar] Dr. Katharina Sophia Volz
D. Wu
26 Mar 2018, Mon (16:00-17:00) LTF Crowdsourcing Mobile Apps' Network Performance From Smartphones: System and Measurement Prof. Rocky Chang
G. Chan
02 Apr 2018, Mon (16:00-17:00) No Seminar (Public Holiday)
09 Apr 2018, Mon (16:00-17:00) LTF Data-Intensive Paradigms for Vehicle Routing [CSE/BDI Joint Seminar] (seminar poster) Prof. Christian Jensen
Aalborg Univ., Denmark
L. Chen
10 Apr 2018, Tue (16:00-17:00) LTK Industrial Applications of AI Technology [CSE/BDI/EC Joint Seminar] Dr. Pinpin Zhu
Xiaoi Robotics
F. Lin
16 Apr 2018, Mon (16:00-17:00) [Rescheduled to 10 Apr 2018, Tue, 4pm in LTK]
23 Apr 2018, Mon (16:00-17:00) No Seminar
30 Apr 2018, Mon (16:00-17:00) LTF Introduction to the Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Fund Speaker from SIE Fund D. Wu
07 May 2018, Mon (16:00-17:00) No Seminar

Other Departmental Seminars Spring 2018

Date & Time Venue Title Speaker Host
05 Mar 2018, Mon (11:00-12:00) Rm2408 Anti-Money Laundering - Transaction Monitoring: Introduction to Concepts and Methodologies [AI Group Seminar] Derek Chau
SAS Institute Ltd.
J. Kwok
07 Mar 2018, Wed (14:00-15:00) Rm2303 Dual Learning: Algorithms and Applications [AI Group Seminar] Dr. Tao Qin
J. Kwok
29 Mar 2018, Thu (16:00-17:00) Rm2303 Smart Government and Smart City - Interrelations and Reciprocities [AI Group Seminar] Dr. Leonidas Anthopoulos
TEI of Thessaly
J. Kwok
14 May 2018, Mon (14:00-15:00) LTH Data on the Edge: Leveraging the Network Edge for Internet Applications [CSE/BDI Joint Seminar] (seminar poster) Prof. Divy Agrawal
Univ. of California at Santa Barbara
L. Chen
18 May 2018, Fri (11:00-12:00) LTG Power-Proportional Transaction Processing [CSE/BDI Joint Seminar] (seminar poster) Prof. Ken Salem
Univ. of Waterloo
L. Chen
05 Jun 2018, Tue (11:00-12:00) Rm2404 Machine learning from weak supervision [AI Group Seminar] Prof. Masashi Sugiyama
RIKEN/Univ. of Tokyo
J. Kwok
19 Jul 2018, Thu (16:00-17:00) Rm4475 Personal Data Ecosystem: Privacy, Utility, and Efficiency Challenge [Networking Group Seminar] Dr. Hamed Haddadi
Imperial College London
P. Hui

Dekai Wu is the seminar coordinator for Spring 2018.

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