Seminars (Spring 2017)

Departmental Seminars (COMP 6911 & COMP 6912) Spring 2017

The regular seminar time slot is Monday, 4-5pm, except as otherwise indicated. These seminars are included in COMP 6911 & COMP 6912. Seminars held in other time slots are listed below in Other Departmental Seminars and are not included in COMP 6911 & COMP 6912.

Date & Time Venue Title Speaker Host
06 Feb 2017, Mon (16:00-17:00) No Seminar
13 Feb 2017, Mon (16:00-17:00) LTF How to do Research in Computer Science? (Watch Video Playback) Prof. Qiang Yang; Dr. Qiong Luo; Prof. Lei Chen; Prof. Huamin Qu;
Q. Yang
20 Feb 2017, Mon (16:00-17:00) No Seminar
27 Feb 2017, Mon (16:00-17:00) LTF From Big Data to AI: An Industrial Perspective [CSE/BDI Joint Seminar] (flyer) Dr. Hongjiang Zhang
Former CEO of Kingsoft
Q. Yang
06 Mar 2017, Mon (16:00-17:00) No Seminar
13 Mar 2017, Mon (16:00-17:00) LTF Battles in Online Tracking: New Security Threats and Countermeasures Wei Meng
Georgia Institute of Technology
C. Ding
20 Mar 2017, Mon (16:00-17:00) LTF Learning and Incentives in Systems with Humans in the Loop Dr. Chien-Ju Ho
Cornell Univ.
K. Yi
21 Mar 2017, Tue (11:15-12:15) LTG Nonlinear Embedding as a Tool for Big Data Algorithm Design [CSE/BDI Joint Seminar] (flyer) Dr. Le Song
Georgia Institute of Technology
Q. Yang
27 Mar 2017, Mon (16:00-17:00) LTF The Biological Internet [CSE/BDI Joint Seminar] (flyer) Dr. Forrest Fabian Jesse
Beijing Jiaotong Univ.
Y. Song
31 Mar 2017, Fri (14:00-15:00) Rm1505 A Universal Cache Miss Equation for the Memory Hierarchy Prof. Y. C. Tay
National Univ. of Singapore
W. Wang
03 Apr 2017, Mon (16:00-17:00) [Rescheduled to 7 Apr 2017, Fri, 2pm in IAS LT]
07 Apr 2017, Fri (14:00-15:00) IAS LT Permissioned Blockchains and Databases [CSE/BDI Joint Seminar] (flyer) (Watch video playback) Dr. C. Mohan
IBM Almaden Research Center
Q. Luo
10 Apr 2017, Mon (11:00-12:00) LTE Interdisciplinary Research [CSE/BDI Joint Seminar] (flyer) Prof. Yingqing Xu
Tsinghua Univ.
H. Qu
10 Apr 2017, Mon (16:00-17:00) LTF Securing Modern Systems by Preventing Information Leaks Kangjie Lu
Georgia Institute of Technology
C. Zhang
17 Apr 2017, Mon (16:00-17:00) No Seminar (Public Holiday)
21 Apr 2017, Fri (15:00-16:00) LTK Spatial-Temporal Brain: the spatial-temporal big data mining platform of Baidu [CSE/BDI Joint Seminar] (flyer) Dr. Haishan Wu
Baidu Research
Q. Yang
24 Apr 2017, Mon (16:00-17:00) [Rescheduled to 21 Apr 2017, Fri, 3pm in LTK]
01 May 2017, Mon (16:00-17:00) No Seminar (Public Holiday)
08 May 2017, Mon (16:00-17:00) LTF 3D modeling and reconstruction from sparse input using deep neural networks Xiaoguang Han
S. Kim

Other Departmental Seminars Spring 2017

Date & Time Venue Title Speaker Host
17 Mar 2017, Fri (11:00-12:00) Rm2463 Understanding the Cyber-Physical Space by Mobile Operator Big Data [Networking Group Seminar] Dr. Yong Li
Tsinghua Univ.
P. Hui
31 Mar 2017, Fri (16:30-17:30) Rm5510 A Practitioner's Guide to MXNet Xingjian Shi
S. Kim
13 Apr 2017, Thu (15:00-16:00) LTF TensorFlow in the Wild (or the Democratization of Machine Learning) Kaz Sato
Google Inc.
S. Kim
16 May 2017, Tue (14:30-16:00) LTH Paradoxes in Internet Architecture [IAS/School of Engineering Joint Lecture] Prof. Srinivasan Keshav
Univ. of Waterloo
K. Chen
23 May 2017, Tue (15:00-16:00) LTH Sound, Music and Wearable Computing for Rehabilitation and Learning: a Multidisciplinary Approach [CSE/HLTC Joint Seminar] Dr. Ye Wang
National Univ. of Singapore
A. Horner
25 May 2017, Thu (14:00-15:00) Rm3501 Detect and Classify Species of Fish from Fishing Vessels with Modern Object Detectors and Deep Convolutional Networks Felix Yu
Toppick Analytics
S. Kim
26 May 2017, Fri (16:00-17:00) LTH Body-Mind Metaphors in China and Greece: Perspectives on Mind-Body Dualism [HLTC/CSE/ECE Joint Seminar] Prof. Lisa Raphals
Univ. of California, Riverside
D. Wu
29 May 2017, Mon (15:00-16:00) Rm5562 A Decidable Logic for Tree Data-Structures with Measurements Prof. Xiaokang Qiu
Purdue Univ.
S.C. Cheung
31 May 2017, Wed (14:00-15:00) LTH Towards Processing of Large-Scale Graphs: theories, systems, and algorithms [CSE/BDI Joint Seminar] (flyer) Prof. Xuemin Lin
Univ. of New South Wales
K. Yi
01 Jun 2017, Thu (15:00-16:00) Rm2463 Developing Powerful Software Analysis via Changing Perspectives Prof. Zhendong Su
Univ. of California, Davis
S.C. Cheung
05 Jun 2017, Mon (11:00-12:00) LTH Data-Driven Optimization and Applications [BDI/CSE/MATH Joint Seminar] (flyer) Prof. Yinyu Ye
Stanford Univ.
Y. Yao
05 Jun 2017, Mon (16:00-17:00) Rm5506 Multipath Resilient Transport and Routing for the Future Internet and IoT [Networking Seminar] Prof. James Sterbenz
Univ. of Kansas
P. Hui
14 Jun 2017, Wed (16:00-17:00) Rm2463 Improving Cyber-Security Through Insurance: The Vision, Markets, and Research Problems [Networking Seminar] [Postponed] Dr. Ranjan Pal
Univ. of Southern California
P. Hui
30 Jun 2017, Fri (13:00-14:00) Rm1511 A Web-based Platform for Online Programming Education Dr. Alice Oh
S. Kim
03 Jul 2017, Mon (16:00-17:00) Rm5506 Recent Mobile and 5G Research Prof. Sasu Tarkoma
Univ. of Helsinki
P. Hui
12 Jul 2017, Wed (16:00-17:00) Rm1511 Designing the Wireless Internet of Things with Ambient Awareness Prof. Xinyu Zhang
Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison
G. Chan
19 Jul 2017, Wed (16:00-17:00) LTF Cura Te Ipsum: Health Search at Google [CSE/BDI Joint Seminar] Dr. Evgeniy Gabrilovich
Q. Yang
21 Jul 2017, Fri (10:30-11:30) Rm1511 Magneto: Unified Fine-grained Path Control in Legacy and OpenFlow Hybrid Networks Zhi-Li Zhang
Univ. of Minnesota
K. Chen
10 Aug 2017, Thu (10:30-11:30) Rm2463 Optimizing Virtual Resource Management in Cloud Systems Dr. Haiying Shen
Univ. of Virginia
K. Chen

Dekai Wu is the seminar coordinator for Spring 2017.

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