Seminars (Fall 2017)

Departmental Seminars (COMP 6911 & COMP 6912) Fall 2017

The regular seminar time slot is Monday, 4-5pm, except as otherwise indicated. These seminars are included in COMP 6911 & COMP 6912. Students should attend at least 7 seminars in each semester in order to pass COMP 6911 & COMP 6912. Seminars held in other time slots are listed below in Other Departmental Seminars and are not included in COMP 6911 & COMP 6912.

Date & Time Venue Title Speaker Host
04 Sep 2017, Mon (16:00-17:00) LTF PG Orientation K. Yi
08 Sep 2017, Fri (11:00-12:00) Rm5619 A Deep Architecture for Depression Detection using Posting, Behavior, and Living Environment Data [Joint RMBI/CSE Seminar] Prof. Arbee Chen R. Wong
11 Sep 2017, Mon (16:00-17:00) [Rescheduled to 8 Sep 2017, Fri, 11am in Rm5619]
18 Sep 2017, Mon (16:00-17:00) No Seminar
25 Sep 2017, Mon (16:00-17:00) LTF Person Search: A New Research Paradigm Shuang Li
S. Kim
28 Sep 2017, Thu (11:00-12:00) Rm4504 Fairness, accountability and transparency in automated decision-making Dr. Suresh Venkatasubramanian
Univ. of Utah
K. Yi
02 Oct 2017, Mon (16:00-17:00) No Seminar (Public Holiday)
09 Oct 2017, Mon (16:00-17:00) LTF The Effectiveness Performance Metric Dr. Gerardo Rubino
J. Muppala
16 Oct 2017, Mon (16:00-17:00) LTF Learning to Recreate Our Visual World Jun-Yan Zhu
Univ. of California, Berkeley
S. Kim
19 Oct 2017, Thu (16:00-17:00) LTG Attentive RSA: Accelerating All FCN-based Detection Methods with Higher Accuracy Yu Liu
S. Kim
23 Oct 2017, Mon (16:00-17:00) LTF AI Commercialization [Joint CSE/BDI Seminar] (flyer) Jennifer Zhu Scott
Radian Partners
Q. Yang
30 Oct 2017, Mon (16:00-17:00) [Rescheduled to 19 Oct 2017, Thu, 4pm in LTG]
06 Nov 2017, Mon (16:00-17:00) No Seminar
13 Nov 2017, Mon (16:00-17:00) LTF Recent Progress on Machine Reading Comprehension Yiming Cui
iFLYTEK Research, China
S. Kim
20 Nov 2017, Mon (16:00-17:00) LTF Structure Learning in Deep Learning [Joint CSE/BDI/HLTC Seminar] (flyer) Prof. Pascal Poupart
Univ. of Waterloo
Q. Yang
23 Nov 2017, Thu (16:30-17:30) Rm1505 Building Scalable Machine Learning Solutions for Data Curation Prof. Ihab Ilyas
Univ. of Waterloo
L. Chen
27 Nov 2017, Mon (16:00-17:00) [Rescheduled to 23 Nov 2017, Thu, 4:30pm in Rm1505]

Other Departmental Seminars Fall 2017

Date & Time Venue Title Speaker Host
07 Dec 2017, Thu (14:00-15:00) LTH Blockchain, cryptography, and consensus Dr. Christian Cachin
IBM - Zurich
D. Papadopoulos
27 Dec 2017, Wed (14:00-15:00) Rm2463 Automated Testing Tools for Android: Are We There Yet in Industrial Cases? [SE Group Seminar] Wing Lam
Univ. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
S.C. Cheung
09 Jan 2018, Tue (11:00-12:00) LTG AI for the Future of Commerce: Challenges and Opportunities [Joint CSE/BDI Seminar] (flyer) Dr. Min Wang
Visa Research Visa Inc.
L. Chen
19 Jan 2018, Fri (10:30-11:30) Rm2463 Emotion Analysis in Natural Language [Joint CSE/HLTC Seminar] Dr. Pearl Pu
Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne (EPFL)
X. Ma

Dekai Wu is the seminar coordinator for Fall 2017.

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