Networking and System Architecture for Real-time Mobile Systems: A Survey

PhD Qualifying Examination

Title: "Networking and System Architecture for Real-time Mobile Systems: A 


Mr. Wenxiao ZHANG


Mobile devices (e.g., smartphone and wearable devices) are now an essential 
part of human life as the most effective and convenient communication tools, 
providing users with rich experience through various services. Besides 
traditional web-based services, the research community and industries are 
exploring computation intensive capabilities of mobile devices to seamlessly 
augment users' cognitive abilities. Powerful applications spring up on mobile 
devices, such as speech recognition, computer vision and graphics, machine 
learning, and augmented reality. However, the resource and communication 
challenges of mobile devices make them insufficient in providing high Quality 
of Experience (QoE), especially in satisfying the real-time and interactive 

Recently, considerable research has addressed these problems, varying in the 
research area of Mobile Cloud Computing, Mobile Edge Computing, and Device to 
Device (D2D) Computing. These proposed systems take advantage of different 
infrastructures and benefit mobile devices in terms of computing capability, 
battery life, latency, and data usage. In this survey, we first discuss the 
concepts, characteristics, and deployments of different computation models in 
mobile computing. We then study their architectures and challenges via 
reviewing system designs in the literature, and pay a special attention on QoE 
guarantee. In the end of the survey, we point out some future research 
directions in real-time mobile systems.

Date:			Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Time:                  	12:00noon - 2:00pm

Venue:                  Room 2610
                         Lifts 31/32

Committee Members:	Dr. Pan Hui (Supervisor)
 			Prof. Gary Chan (Chairperson)
 			Prof. Shing-Chi Cheung
 			Prof. Lei Chen

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