Qualifying Exams, Proposal Defenses & Thesis Defenses (Spring 2018)

Spring 2018

Date Candidate Title Announcement
16 March 2018
Mr. Chung Yin LEUNG
Toward Modeling Impossible Figures In Omnidirectional Views
MPhil Thesis Defence
23 February 2018
Mr. Qingkun SU
Sketch and Animation Assistants for Novices
PhD Thesis Defence
23 February 2018 Mr. Kaixiang MO Transfer Reinforcement Learning for Task-oriented Dialogue Systems PhD Thesis Defence
9 February 2018 Miss Qianyi HUANG Mobile System Design for Health-care Applications PhD Thesis Proposal Defence
6 February 2018 Mr. Junqiu WEI Shortest Distance Queries on Terrain Surface PhD Thesis Proposal Defence

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