2016 FYP Presentation Videos

Below are links to videos of 2016 FYP / FYT oral presentations.

Team Project Title
LIX1 Schappy - A preferred School Admission Assistand Android App for Keen Hong Kong Parents
LIX2 HKUST Hour of Code - iOS Mobile App to Teach Children Basic Scratch Programming Skills and Concepts
LIX3 Finding Insights from MOOC Forum Dynamics
LIX4 HKUST iEat - A Mobile-friendly Food Opinion Sharing Website for HKUST Restaurants
LUO2 RPG Teaching Assistant Management System
MA1 Get Off Now! A KMB Bus Stop/ MTR Station Reminder Android App
MA2 Using the Leap Motion Controller to Translate Sign Language to Speech
MU2 Green HKUST Mobile App, Ver. 3.0
MU3 Mobile Application for HKUST Catering Services
MU4 People Counting System for Urban Spaces
PAN1 A New Lane-Changing Assistant System with the Help of Augmented Reality
PAN2 NFC-based Computation Offloading
PAN3 Real-time Emotion Sensing with Google Glass
PSAN5 A Web-based Automated 2D-Image Inpainting Application
QUAN1 Automated Data Collecting System for Computer Vision Using UAVs
RAYW1 A Mobile-friendly HKUST Online Facility Booking System
RAYW3 An Enhanced Algorithm for Seed Set Selection in Influence Maximization
SC1 Coding Classroom for Kids
SC2 LogiCal - Google Chrome Plug-in for Logical Calendar Event Details Recognition
SC4 Electronic Health Record System for Developing Countries

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