Vision and Graphics Questions

Below are some questions related to computer vision and/or computer graphics thay may be asked during or after your oral presentation.

  • Is there no correlation in this chart?
  • Is there correlation with the index?
  • How accurate is your system?
  • Can you show sample data?
  • Where did you get the data? Is it real data?
  • When you draw tiles, do you do [some procedure] in advance?
  • Why does it take up so much memory if you break it into tiles?
  • Does the graph include the image?
  • Did you consider parallel programming for the tile generator?
  • Would it work if you get the source from all of them at the same time?
  • Have you thought about using homography?
  • Why did you rely on mapping?
  • How do you map the the two parts together in real-time? 

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