Prediction Questions

Below are some questions related to prediction that may be asked during or after your oral presentation.

  • How accurate is your prediction?
  • Did you make past performance an indicator for future performance?
  • When you calculated your error, did you use historical data?
  • Did you simply predict things that already happened or use real incoming data?
  • What accuracy do you get when you predict future prices?
  • Can you update the number of days for prediction in the future?
  • What is the maximum number of days for future price prediction?
  • Does the pattern flatten out after 100 days?
  • Would you use your own money to invest with this system?
  • Which prediction method yielded the best results?
  • How does a Naive Bayes (non-independent) classifier affect the output?
  • Why does the prediction get worse when using data mining?
  • How did you do the analysis?
  • What if the trends are contradictory?
  • Is this [a certain method of] prediction easy or hard?
  • Did you read the UST PhD student's related work?
  • How do you rotate the terrain (in your simulation)?
  • How was running time affected by the size of the cells?
  • How many grid cells did you use, and what size were they?
  • What is the distance between objects or exhibits?
  • What patterns did you look for?
  • Who invented that algorithm?
  • Does your system produce better or worse results than other methods?
  • How far ahead can you make predictions?
  • How realistic are these models?
  • When you combined the two methods, how do you weight the contribution of the two, i.e., which one was more important?
  • What is the purpose of this approach?
  • How is this different from the traditional approach?

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