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Events & Talks

Helping Machines and People Learn

15 December 2017 (Fri), 10:30am-12noon, LTF

Smart City in Hong Kong Competition Exhibition

10 December 2017 (Sun), 2-5:30pm, LTF

Exploring your future @HKUST

24 November 2017 (Fri), 9:30am-6pm, IAS LT


Extended Utilization of Human Capabilities for Designing by Aakar Gupta

21 February 2018 (Wed), 11:00am, Rm1504

Identifying Cache-Based Side Channels in Production Software by Shuai Wang

26 February 2018 (Mon), 4:00pm, LTF

Thesis Defenses

PhD Thesis Defence by Mr. Qingkun SU

23 February 2018 (Fri)

PhD Thesis Defence by Mr. Kaixiang MO

23 February 2018 (Fri)